Marina Rules

Safety & Courtesy
  1. Vessels shall not exceed 5 MPH nor leave and damaging wake while under way when operating within the Inner Harbor.
  2. Vessels shall not tie up nor moor except in areas designated by the Dockmaster for that purpose.
  3. Motor vehicles within the Dock Street Landing and Peace Point areas shall not exceed 10 MPH.
  4. Motorists shall park automobiles and boat trailers only in areas designated for that purpose. Parking is on a first-come, first serve basis, and is not guaranteed.
  5. Overnight parking is permitted in the large parking lot closest to the boat launch. Overnight parking is not permitted in the Welcome Center/Marina lot. Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense. 2 loading/unloading parking spots will be provided for the convenience of the boater. Day Use parking in the Welcome Center/Marina lot is welcome and encouraged.
  6. There shall be no anchoring anywhere in the inner harbor.
Seasonal Docking & Mooring Permits
  1. No person shall tie up to any slip, bulkhead or mooring without first having acquired a boat or mooring permit. Vessels within the mooring area are presumed to be overnight if they remain after 6 p.m. EDT.
  2. Owner must provide adequate line and fenders and maintain them in proper condition and arrangement. In the interest of safety, the Dockmaster may require that dock lines and fenders be changed or altered. In an emergency situation threatening damage to the owner's vessel, or property of the City of Plattsburgh, the Dockmaster may cause appropriate lines and fenders to be attached to the owner's vessel and do other necessary work and the cost of doing so shall be charged to the owner.
  3. The City of Plattsburgh will provide docking assistance and maintain reasonable surveillance during regular hours but will not be held responsible for the security and/or safekeeping of vessels moored or docked at the facility.
  4. Docking and mooring permits are not transferable and the City reserves the right to use reserved accommodations during temporary vacancies by the slip holder. The slip holder shall give the City advance notice of commencement and duration of such vacancies.
  5. In no case may flame-heating elements, inflammable liquids, explosive gases or other hazardous materials or equipment be used on vessels while at the City's facilities, but the use of approved galley stoves, lamps, motors and other equipment normally considered part of the vessel shall be allowed.
  6. Vessel owners expressly undertake and agree to save the City harmless with respect to damage or loss to the vessel or its outfit, except such damage as may be conclusively attributed to the City's own negligence, and this undertaking is provided to induce the City to enter into this agreement.
  7. The season is from May 15 through October 5; however, Dockmasters will be on duty from May 29 through September 8. Persons acquiring a larger or smaller boat during the permit period shall have their fee altered and pro-rated on the basis of the amount of season left. Vessel owners must contact the marina office prior to changing boats, as length restrictions are vigorously enforced.
  8. Pedestrian traffic on gangways and floating docks is restricted to persons holding mooring and slip permits issued by the City of Plattsburgh and their guests and municipal, state and federal officers exercising their respective duties.
  9. Slip and mooring permits are issued to vessel owners and are not transferable to another person. Transfer of slip without Department approval will result in fine or loss of slip.
  10. Slip and mooring owners are advised that the Department verifies boat ownership and residency.
  11. The Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel any permit issued should the terms under which it is issued be violated.
  12. Vessels left in a slip or on a mooring after October 5 are subject to a daily $50 late fee and a $50 towing fee. Vessels will be locked up until full payment is received, any vessel removed without full payment of late fee will be subject to loss of slip use the following year and/or legal action.